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Come on over



Smile is a present/ sequences


Minga lebt, echt und pur


Strong you are


Future out of the blur


Beautiful dawn



Soul, heart & machoism



Driven (slow psychedelic Blues version)




Love- Song to music/ Sharing- Blues


Dressed by words


Impatience in red


Pass away


Down the line

Part 1


Kings and queens of the universe


It doesn't matter at all


Experimental Work their life


In the city



Illussions on a daily life


Pink & Jolly


"Chilly" afternoon





Butterfly Escalator


No hussle

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DISCOGRAPHY/ Latest Releases (2011 -2015)

Album "FORTUNE" - Album "...LIFE..." - Album "INSIDE..." - Album "RUSH" - Album "DEPARTED" - Album "SIX" - Album "SUN,WORLD..."


Album N°. 11 "Fortune" Released Jan. 2015



Titel: "FORTUNE"

Listen prism

Perfekt natürlich/ perfectly natural

*Days of Pearly Spencer (Cover- Song)

Improvise it!

*Ballad of John Barleycorn (Traffic- Cover)

Mira & Jessy

Aces and Sevens


Mehr is more is mas is plus

Zamba Lagata


Album N°. 10 "Its old, it's new - IT IS LIFE" Released May 2013

Cover front of Album N°. 10

Backcover zu IT'S LIFE

Titel: "It's old, it's new - IT IS LIFE"

Verstehst Du nicht? (int. "Don't you get it?")

Working class hero (Lennon)

Immer wieder (int. "Again and again")

Hormons and wars

Soul, heart and machoism

Come on over



Neo Retro

20.000 Jahre und ein Tag (int. "20.000 years and one day")

Quantenwelt (int. "Quantum reality")

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Album N°. 9 "Inside - Outside" Released Feb. 2013

frontcover von CD Inside/ Outide

backcover zu inside/ outside


Future out of the blur (global version)

Pink & Jolly (acoustic version)

Mary, Mary, Gentle Mind (Impro Version)

Bunga Hormonello Rev. (funky version)

Inside- Outside (Jam- evolved version)

Was soll das? (full impro version)

Winter, Winter ( melancholic dream- version)

Wichtig, wichtig, ne, ne, ne (straight version)

Danke (true version)

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Album N°. 7 "Rush" - Released Dec. 2012


Titel: RUSH

Peek-A-Boo (Boo version)

Love- Song to music (soulful version)

Aims in life (Speedy Version)

Egyptian leaders (slow version)

Song to Pussy Riot (punk version)

Guns, not food (slappy version)

Oils and shares ( melancholic dream- version)

Wie ein Alien (space version)

Einer aus Millionen (impro evolved version)

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Album N°. 7 "Departed in 2012" - Released Juni 2012

Cover von Departed

Backcover Departed 2012

Titel/ Title: Departed in 2012

Frühling 2012 (Hyper Version)

Hollow Giants (mystic version)

Kings & Queens of the universe (Speedy Version)

Cheap Tricks (speedtrap version)

Friends (amity version)

The trap (another world) (trappy version)

Dat is ma soo crazy (wake up- version)

Brief aus Marrocco (clean version)

Yet a decision (crossover version)

Blues is for geezers (sanatorium version)

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Album N°. 6 "Six" - Released Oct. 2011

Frontcover SIX

Backcover SIX

Title "SIX"

Chiccle (Chilly Version)

Peppermint (fresh version)

Beatiful dawn (break Version)

Monk (spiritual version)

Golden Hearts (combined version)

Realistic naivity (Flash version)

Bitten by a vampyre (garlic version)

Yell of life (funky version)

Cup of coffee (seduced version)

Man with the dark glasses (backstreet version)

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Album N°. 5 "The sun, our earth life and us" March 2011

Front Cover of Sun, Earth, Life & us

Back Cover from The sun, our earth, life and us

Title: "The sun, our world, life and us"

No aggression- waves spring/wing

Beautiful dawn

Push it

Moonlit night

Station to station

Summer reggae

Gallow‘s pole

Icarus/ Crash

Chida Maria de la C. in memoriam

Sunshine and rain

Heat is on - chiccle

Summertime- fine


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All the albums I recorded before "The sun, the world..." (Mrch 2011) aren't available anymore!

Please do not ask me for one of the elder albums, but you can find some raw stuff of mine from before 2011

in the web still.

I' ve gone through a progress and my music has evolved.

Some of my old songs from 2009 until 2013 I am going to conscientely re-record and re-arrange.

These tracks will differ a lot from the originals!

Pop in once in a while or read my newsletter.


Die Alben, die ich vor "The sun, the world..." (Mrz 2011) herausgebracht habe, sind nicht mehr erhältlich.

Ich habe mich weiterentwickelt und damit ist auch meine Musik gewachsen.

Bitte fragt mich nicht nach eine meiner alten CDs vor 2011, aber Ihr könnt im Netz

noch ein paar (rauhe und roh aufgenommene) Teile meiner früheren Alben finden.

Ich werde aber ein paar meiner alten Stücke aus 2009 bis 2013 bewußt um-arrangieren und neu aufnehmen.

Diese Aufnahmen werden ganz anders sein als die ursprünglichen.

Schaut ab und zu hier rein oder lest den Newsletter.







If anything is unclear, just ask me. Also any crits or compliments are really welcome!

Wenn was unklar ist, einfach fragen, Kritik und Lob sind genauso willkommen!

19.04.2015 Fol-CKA









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